From the creator of the old standards

Wolfgang Arenz’s experience in creating the world’s best bicycle tires for other brands over the last 20 years has lead to his most refined creation to-date.

Wolfpack Tires with ToGuard Compound offer the trifecta of excellence creating a new standard in Bicycle tires.


ToGuard Compound offers increased grip with even lower rolling resistance and improved flat protection. Already adopted and raced by Top Pro teams such as Team Astana in 2019, Wolfpack Tires are proving their benefits in all environments.

Increased Grip

ToGuard Compound is engineered for tread surface contact. It increases grip across the entire tread surface area, providing a tire that improves turning and stopping. Turn harder, slow down and stop faster. This allows the rider to reach a higher maximum edge of performance, enhancing overall speed and reducing total time.

Lower Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance is not just a characteristic of grip, rolling resistance is most improved by reducing energy absorbed by tire deflection. Wolfpack Tires with ToGuard Compound absorb less deflection energy, providing reduced rolling resistance from all other tires using his previous compounds.

Superior Real-world Puncture Protection Design

ToGuard Compound is designed to be inherently puncture resistant. This is superior to other tires that use interior protection “belts” for a number of reasons:

  • Other tires with a puncture protection belt have an exterior soft layer can hold tiny embedded sharp objects. If not immediately removed, the object will keep cutting into the belt until even the strongest belted tire goes flat. ToGuard resists embedding the object in the first place.
  • Puncture protection belts are stiff because they try to offer more protection with a thinner layer. These cause stiffer overall tires which are uncomfortable to ride, and cause higher rolling resistance, slowing you down! ToGuard’s surface-to-shell compound protection enables more flexibility and lower rolling resistance.
  • Belts don’t provide complete coverage, they only protect the belted area. On race tires, other tire makers only put protection in the tread, leaving sidewalls highly vulnerable. They make separate “tougher” tires with multiple belts. Those tires are slower, heavier and uncomfortable. ToGuard protects from bead-to-bead, making a light, fast tire with puncture resistance. No need for compromise.





Wolfgang’s resume of experience:

Black Chili Compound®

Continental® Reifen Deutschland GmbH – 2005 – 2011 – Development of Black Chili Compound®, the decisive guarantee for the success of Continental®’s high-quality bicycle tires.

GRIPTON® Compound

Specialized® Bicycle Components – 2012 – 2015 – Development of GRIPTON® compound, with extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction. Turbo Cotton, completely self-developed Casing combined with GRIPTON® compound, both materials stand for master craftsmanship, and they work in harmony to reflect Specialized®’s dedication.

ADDIX® Race Compound

Ralf Bohle GmbH – Schwalbe® Tires – 2016 – 2017 – Development of ADDIX® Race Compound, of the top models from Schwalbe®. Enthusiastic trade press, industry, trade and end customers. Several different compounds optimize the properties depending on the application.

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Wolfgang Arenz, Founder

Astana Pro Team on Wolfpack

“Wolfpack Tires is a small company, but despite being small, it brings vast experience in tire manufacturing to cycling. For more than a decade, Wolfpack Tires founder, Wolfgang Arenz, has worked in research and development with major tire companies and their suppliers. In 2018 we already had the chance to try their products and I can say we were more than satisfied with the quality and riding characteristics. Wolfpack Tires showed themselves to be excellent in all kind of weather and road conditions throughout many races, including the Grand tours, so beginning with the 2019 season we are happy to announce our official collaboration with this company”


Alexandr Vinokurov, General Manager, Astana Pro Team